It is a rather frequent situation when using an "off-the-shelf" electromechanical device (e.g motor / alternator / shutter, etc.) to be incorporated in ready or developed systems is impossible because of specific volume / weight / power density or other limitations. It is "our" case since our speciality is to "tailor" unique solutions to meet exactly the customer requirements.

Below are some examples:

  • magnetic NUC-shutter to be built-in to existing thermal night-vision cameras:


  • locker trigger for hard working optical shutter


  • upgrading an electro-magnetic coupling for diesel engine driven alternator to overcome the problem of connecting / disconnecting an air-conditioner


We offer solutions at any rediness level:

  • feasibility/calculations report for POC (proof-of-concept) stage
  • preliminary or final drawing set for POD (proof-of-design) stage
  • virtual/3D-print mock-ups, bread-boarding, iron-bird mock-ups

electric machines

  • functional/demonstrative/laborotory/engineering prototypes


  • developing special jigs/fixtures for providing production of the developed devices


  • setting-up the "turn-key" production lines at the customer's site and support of first article/pilot series



  • in-house production and supply of developed devices.