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     Albus Technologies Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in engineering, development and production of electric machines and their applications based both on the proprietary axial flux coreless technology allowing to achieve extremely high power density and on other "state-of-the-art" technical approaches.

     The engineering staff led by Alexander Sromin (CTO), a well-known expert and experienced inventor in the field of electric machines, provides "out-of-the-box" technical solutions for a wide range of applications and market sectors: industrial apparatuses, clean energy, ground and aircraft vehicles (including UAVs), military and homeland security, etc.

     The company contracts with several customers in Israel, mainly in UAV sector, supplying consulting services, product design and manufacturing small serial lots. Albus is ready to discuss investments to implement it's proprietary technology and strategic partnership to enlarge activity in human-oriented applications (in main, in clean-tech), low-pollution propulsion drives (for EV, HEV) and effective motors for UAVs, etc.

     A few examples of products developed by the company are listed below:

  •  frameless slim self-ventilated absolutely silent and smooth-operation 230 g. motors based on patented ALBUS axial flux technology for noiseless unmanned helicopters.

  • 350 g. robust all-weather outrunners for light UAVs outputting ~ 25% more power than similar motors to provide forced take-off, fast durable climbing and heavier payloads.

  • High-power (up to 15-25 W) miniature proprietary turbo-generators to replace standard 30-mm FUZE ones (for airspeed 10 … 250 m/s) with pre-setting the start airspeed.

  • High-voltage double- and single-rotor IP67 inrunners with built-in encoder and Hall-switches for tethered 24/7 quad-copters.
    Our activity includes:

  • Developing “custom-tailored” electro-mechanical devices (motors / alternators / actuators, etc.) to meet exact customer's requirements, in particular per FFF approach;

  • Offering unique electro-mechanical solutions to meet "exotic" functional requirements (e.g. non-linear magnetic springs, clutches for transient loads, smart brakes, etc.);

  • Feasibility check, simulations, analytical calculations, virtual analysis, executing POC and POD, bread-boarding, making mock-ups, etc.

  • Making design- and production files, in-house small serial production, setting-up manufacturing lines at customer facilities - for developed products.

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