Axial Flux Core Technology

A fundamental electric machine technology based on an axial gap approach providing the highest compactness (torque-to-weight and -to-volume ratios). The best solution for robotics, motor-wheels, machines, heavy rotating platforms, low-speed generators.

Axial Flux Coreless Technology

A novel branch of Axial Flux Technology which does NOT uses steel cores providing unbelievable power density (up to 7 kW/kg), the highest efficiency (up to 97%) and smooth rotation by eliminating eddy currents. It is the best for high-speed motors, spindles, gas turbine driven generators, geared hub motors, etc.

Axial Flux Coreless Technology

An advanced implementation of the Axial Flux Coreless technology adapted for stall operated electric motors providing a direct liquid cooling the coil assembliess. The best solution for full electric and hybrid vehicles, heavy industrial equipment, etc.


ALBUS Technologies made 2 patent applications (PCT stage) and 1 provisonal relating to its core technology.