Another direction of our activity is dedicated improving and upgrading classical electric machines to enhance their performances and make them possible to withstand against higher stresses, hard weather (for outdoor operation), etc. and to meet MIL standards if it is required.

We offer a rather small sensorless outrunner (350 g.) suitable for light UAV incl. helicopters (up to 18" prop and for) to be improved to output ~ 25% more power, be more efficient (especially at high speed) and work under serve weather conditions.


There is a basic winding configuration with kv=350 rpm/Vdc, but per specific orders, other Kv values could be wound. Below table for using with a 16" prop and Kontronik controller (@28 Vdc) is given

Max speed [rpm]

Idle current [A]

Short input power [W]

Short output power [W]

Cont. output power [W]

Cont. output speed [rpm]

Mot. effy [%]







85 - 90